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Ever since I can remember, I was always on the lookout for stylish ways to show my personality through my home decor. Humble Haven started as my way of documenting the things I learned along the way, but it soon grew into a resourceful platform for like-minded enthusiasts, offering tips, listicles and tutorials.

Humble Haven Blog covers a wide range of topics, and in each post I try to share my knowledge through storytelling and visuals. For me, knowing that there are people who are as passionate about my interests as I am means everything, and it’s exciting to see my followers grow.

A handful of years after this blog was formed, I began a line of candles that compliment any home. Besides the aesthetic, what better way to make your home into a haven than with an amazing smelling candle?


My name is Ashley

I have been obsessed with interior design for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved looking at how others put things together to make a cohesive space. I was intrigued by the differences in aesthetic shined through with similar decor options. One minor tweak can change the look and feel of an entire space. The freedom that comes with design & decor feeds my creative soul. No two spaces are identical, no two perceptions are the same, & everyone’s personal style is slightly different.

My passion is embracing the differences & pulling looks, items,  accents, & styles together to create a cohesive yet personalized look that creates a style haven for my clients.

If you are looking to revamp your space, I can provide vision boards, give guidance on how to configure your current furniture & more!

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White interior



pronounced: /ˈhāvən/

noun: haven

  1. a place of safety or refuge.

  2. a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions.

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