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Make the Most Out of Your Small Apartment Balcony

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Spring has Sprung! It’s time to get outside and enjoy that sunshine! In my renting experience, any outdoor space that is not shared is absolutely tiny and because garden-retreat roof top spaces aren’t really feasible for many renters, I have decided to compile some drool worthy outdoor inspo for your seriously small balcony.

The Garden Retreat

If you love gardening or having greenery around this balcony is for you!

You can achieve the garden oasis look by choosing plants of different heights. A more vertical plant will draw the viewers eye upward, while plants placed around it will make the plants look cohesive. Be careful not to use too much valuable floor space if your balcony is particularly tiny.

An option for those who enjoy a lot of plants, but don’t want to use up valuable floor space would be to use planters that perch on the side (or railing) of your balcony, layering heights for small plant stands, or utilizing vertical space for something like a vertical herb garden (Click here and here to see how to’s for these herb gardens).

Al Fresco Seating

Another idea for making a functional outdoor space is seating! You should have some form of seating available. I mean, who wants a garden retreat that you can't sit out and enjoy?

Depending on your budget seating options include: outdoor furniture, benches, bistro table with chairs, etc.

Budget Friendly Idea: Crate/Palette Seating! Push two crates together to form a bench, cover with patio cushions.


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