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Spa Chic: Bathroom Makeover Tips You Need To Know

Creating a spa bathroom is all about using key design elements that add a luxurious look and complimenting them with ‘spa’ type materials like: wood, stone, bamboo and marble to up the zen factor.

Other essentials: a rainfall shower, plants, lotions, beautiful scents and ever-so-soft white fluffy towels are required to achieve this look.

The surge in interest for creating a spa-like bathroom has materialized from a blending of one's desire for a space to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home, as well as having a luxurious en-suite bathroom.

These are a clutter free zone that speaks to those who love a minimalist approach to home interiors, so storage needs to be carefully crafted into the design along with lighting and color palette.

Bright colorful bathrooms that use bold patterns won’t allow for the relaxing space that's desired from a spa bathroom, so opt for muted shades.

Ways To Get The Coveted Spa Look

Below, we’ve listed our favorite materials that acheive the zen like tranquility of a spa bathroom. Whether you choose all over marble, wall to wall wood, or gold fixtures and fittings, you can boost your mood and give yourself a little self-care in your tranquil spa bathroom in no time.

Keep the design simple:

Bright and airy is the key to zen. Keep your color palette light and muted. You can incorporate colors with pops of greenery and bamboo flooring mats paired with natural tone wooden vanities.

Materials that radiate day spa:

  • marble

  • light toned natural wood

  • brass and gold accents

  • light muted colors

  • furniture with clean simple lines

Finishing Touches:

  1. Roll your white fluffy towels to improve their display

  2. Have a soft white robe at the ready

  3. Have tranquil smelling lotions, soaps and candles easily accessible (view our spa candle set here)

  4. Keep the items on top of the vanity simple and elegant. Good storage is key!

  5. Add plants to give that natural feel

  6. Add a rainfall shower head

  7. Gold metal accents for faucet and drawer pulls


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