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6 Kitchen Updates Ideas To Really Get You Cooking

If I asked you which room in your home you use the most (other than the bathroom), I would place a bet on the answer being your kitchen. Yet, many lack the budget to upgrade the space entirely. A few minor adjustments like the ones listed below, can have a huge impact on updating your kitchen's look! The trick is to work with what you have, instead of what you don’t have!

Kitchen Update vs. Remodel, Which Category Do You Fall Into?

An update includes several easy, low-risk, DIY projects to revive and refresh the look and feel of your kitchen while working with a tight budget or timeline. Kitchen remodels have a much more extensive process and budget aimed and reworking a space to make it more functional, larger, etc.

A remodel is best tasked to professional contractors, and include projects like:
  • Removing walls to make the space larger

  • Moving the stove, sink or refrigerator to create a more functional flow

  • Adding plumbing like an island sink

  • Reworking electrical setup by adding outlets, lighting or switches

  • Installing heavy stone countertops

Simple Updates To Change The Look Of Your Kitchen

  1. Updating Backsplash

  2. Lighting

  3. Painting Walls and Cabinets

  4. Splurge Wisely With New Countertops

  5. Updated Drawer Pulls

  6. Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Backsplash Tile:

Backsplash tile is a great way to pattern and texture to your kitchen. These days, a new backsplash can be as easy as peel-and-stick.

I recommend choosing something timeless and classic versus something trendy. Backsplash tile isn't as easy to swap out as paint or drawer pulls. When choosing shape, size and style of your backsplash be mindful of how you want to balance color and pattern throughout the rest of your kitchen design.

Things to consider:
  • Grout color - generally something close to the tile color is best. If you want to amplify the contrast, a black grout with a white subway tile can do the trick.

  • You can capture the vertical space above your oven range by installing the backsplash all the way to the upper cabinets.


Island: If you have an island adding unique pendant lighting above the island is a minor detail that can make the space look more expensive and put together.

No Island: Don’t fret! There are ways to incorporate lighting without an island in your kitchen. Look into recessed lighting that can brighten the space while not giving it that dated feel of the fluorescent lighting.

Painting The Walls And/Or Cabinets:

Painting cabinets is one of the best and simplest ways to modernize a kitchen. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform your kitchen to look entirely different with little to no work. From white to dark green or even opting for a two-tone cabinet looks (dark lowers with light uppers), you have nearly limitless options.

I recommend getting samples and looking at them in the light throughout the day. How does it look in natural vs. artificial light? The goal is to find a color combination that looks great in both, improves your style theme and compliments your fixtures, appliances and countertops.

Splurge Wisely: New Countertops!

If you want a complete overhaul of your kitchen updating the countertops is a great option. Depending on the material you choose and your experience with installation, this may be a project you outsource to a professional.

A new countertop would be a great update to a kitchen island and allow for some mixing of materials and texture throughout the space. As long as the material you choose plays nicely with the rest of your countertops and color schemes, you can achieve this update with a minimal budget.

New handles and pulls:

In just a few minutes you can quickly transform an updated cabinet or sink faucet into something brand new.

New drawer pull hardware doesn’t have to match the finish of your sink and appliances. Mixing metals (like brass pulls with black appliances), adds visual interest to your kitchen.

Drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs tend to be used quite frequently, I would recommend choosing a material that is easy to clean. I also recommend choosing a hardware design that is timeless and functional. Trendy items may go in and out of style, choosing something classic and simple will help avoid this.

Decorative/Colorful Appliances:

A seemingly easy and minimally invasive way to update your kitchen, is to add pops of color to various kitchen appliances. A expensive project would be updating your larger appliances like: your oven, refrigerator or sink.

A more simple idea is to add colorful small appliances or decorative pieces to the space. Think: KitchenAid Mixer, wall pieces, plants and ceramic containers that sit out on the counter! These minor touches can give a homey but tailored look to your kitchen.

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