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Tips for Working From Home

Now more than ever, more and more people are working from home. Trying to adjust and find a schedule that works for you can be challenging.

I have been working from home 100% of the work week for the past few years. Initially it was a BIG adjustment, but now I absolutely love it. I’ve noticed my stress level has decreased, my schedule is more flexible and I can multi-task chores in between answering emails and getting work done.

Think: meal prep, straightening up, working out, etc. Plus getting up and walking around for a few minutes keeps you focused.

Here are some other tips for a successful work from home environment:

1. Create a Morning Routine:

Set an alarm and wake up at the same time everyday. Do your morning routine: wash your face, make your coffee and/or breakfast. Basically do what you would do if you were getting ready to go into the office.

This enables you to feel like you are “going to work” even though you may be walking 10 steps to your desk. Plus, it alleviates feeling like you roll out of bed and immediately get to work.

2. Create a Dedicated Work Space:

Tips on how to do this will follow in a separate blog post, but having a dedicated space to do work always kept me from feeling like I was always working while at home. It also helps you stay organized and continue your productivity.

3. Take Breaks!

I cannot stress this enough! This is where the multi-tasking comes in to play. If you are feeling sluggish or unmotivated, take a few minutes for yourself. Straighten up an area of your house, do a chore that you have been putting off, make yourself a snack (or another cup of coffee/tea). I absolutely love when I get things accomplished while I am working. That way once I am finished for the day, I can actually relax and have MY time.

If your work schedule is flexible, take a longer lunch and get outside, go for a walk, do something active, or if you really need it: relax and read a book. Do whatever helps de-stress or decompress your mind. I find when I do this consistently I am more productive in the 2nd half of my day.

4. Know When To Stop Working

Working constantly is not healthy: mentally or physically and its a great way to burn out quickly. I normally mute my laptop when I am done for the day. When you work in the same space that you live, you are always a few steps from checking your email, or giving a call back to a client, even if you have put in your time for the day.

I know there are circumstances where you need to work some times more than others, but being conscious of when you should stop is key!

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