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6 Unique Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

It's Beginning to Smell a lot like Turkey!

The mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy are what I look forward to most. But generally, anything with gravy on it I am game for! I am one of those weirdos who craves Thanksgiving Dinner all year round, it can be 100 degrees out and I want it.

There is something about it that I just love. Again, probably the gravy. But at what other dinner party can you show up in yoga pants and no one thinks twice about it?

That being said, if you are the brave soul that is hosting a Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or my favorite: "Junes-giving" you will need a centerpiece. I am a sucker for a good centerpiece.

Here are 6 unique ideas to make fun and festive centerpieces for your table:

  1. Let's start with the size of the centerpiece

  2. Add some seasonal greenery or dried flowers

  3. Include seasonal fruit

  4. Use Pumpkins as flower holders

  5. Wrap any plain vases

  6. Create a bowl

Determining the size of the centerpiece

The goal of a table centerpiece is to create an atmosphere that compliments the dinner. To do this, you want to avoid a centerpiece that takes up so much space that there isn't space for plates, glasses, silverware, etc.

I tend to rely on the thirds rule: Divide the width of your table into thirds, once you do this you will be left with an area in the center - the centerpiece layout should not leave that space. Pretend that the rest of the table is lava!

Thanksgiving centerpiece with pumpkins and antlers

Nothing Too Tall

Having to lean around a centerpiece to hold a conversation is annoying not to mention uncomfortable. Try to stick with shorter layouts as to make conversation flow continuously.

Incorporate Dried Greenery & Flowers:

Let’s face it: the week of Thanksgiving is absolute chaos if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Between the never ending grocery runs, preparing your menu, strategically planning oven space, to cleaning every square inch of your home, your proverbial Thanksgiving plate is pretty full.

Opting for dried greenery or flowers can alleviate some stress around keeping those plants alive until the big day.

What’s great about dried flowers and greenery is they can make a statement anywhere in the home, and you can expect it to stay in beautiful shape throughout the season and beyond! Think: entryway, bathroom, etc. You aren’t limited to a centerpiece, after all. Why not incorporate a floral pop somewhere else for a little visual intrigue?

Add Some Tasty Touches

You may not typically think to add edible items, but they can give a fresh harvest vibe (not to mention a subtle fresh scent. Dress up that dried greenery with your favorite seasonal fruits and herbs. Some that I like to include: apples, pears, berries, rosemary, eucalyptus,thyme and sage. You can even use hollowed-out mini pumpkins as little “bowls” to hold dips or flowers. Have fun experimenting to create something your guests will love.

Cover or spray paint any plain vases you have around the house

You can transform even the simplest vases in a matter of minutes — with wrapping paper, ribbon, and other accessories. You don’t even need to be super creative or crafty to make this a reality. You might even find a bit of stress relief by indulging your inner virtuoso! Finish by adding your favorite stems (dried or fresh) to create a notable arrangement that is sure not to blend in.

Create a bowl instead of a lengthy piece

Instead of the usual table length centerpiece, here is a simple understated ­idea that still provides visual interest. This is a great option for smaller table, as you can choose bowl size or have a few placed around the table. Try something natural and low profile like a shallow wooden bowl. The quiet simplicity of the bowl is key because it won't challenge the other elements you choose to add to your centerpiece.

Once you have the vessel ready, it's time to fill it! Layer the bowl with an arrangement of dried or fresh cut flowers, greenery, some of those fruit and herb suggestion above. You can also add seasonal accents, like pinecones or cranberries or berry sprigs, for a festive finishing touch. By incorporating autumnal hues you can create a truly eye catching piece.

There’s no limitation to what you can create. With the right accents and colorful details, you can put a fresh and effortless twist on your classic centerpiece.

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