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8 Ways to Spice Up Your Drab Bookshelf

Oh the possibilities! A bookshelf can be the epitome of your personal style and the focal point of any space. They can add tremendous depth to a room, and can easily give a space a facelift.

You can change your styling with a few items and the snap of your fingers. All while adding a breathe of life into a drab living area.

No one likes boring! Spice up your life! Errrr your shelf?

Tips of the trade:

  1. Instead of using matching bookends - mix and match them.

  2. Prop up a decorative dish or tray and use as art.

  3. Play with shapes, think: boxes, candlesticks and cylindrical objects.

  4. Layer your accessories! Stack knick knacks on top of a few horizontal books or on top of boxes. Choose accessories that will tie in the room's style and theme.

  5. Stagger books so they are on different levels and shelves. Or lay them horizontally and vertically.

  6. Add pops of accent colors throughout!

  7. Add texture: add baskets or brass to add some visual interest, or add wallpaper to the backing of the bookshelf.

  8. Bring life to the shelf - add plants or flowers.

All of these tips can be applied to other shelving options as well: floating shelves, mantles, side tables, etc. Get Creative, Get Styling my loves!

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