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A Faux Minimalist's Guide Decluttering Your Bedroom

I am by no means a minimalist. I would categorize myself as a "optimalista," not a maximalist, not a minimalist, right in that sweet spot. I like everything to have its place and have a purpose but I also like the have things around.

Although, I do absolutely despise clutter - it makes me a little crazy. A messy space and clutter can really put a wrench in the vibe and relaxation process of a room, plus it does little for the appreciation of the space's natural beauty and aesthetics. Therefore, I will be calling myself a optimalist, rather: a minimalist in training. If you air on the simple, minimalistic side of decor, this is the blog post for you!

Step 1: Becoming more minimal

Find furniture that doubles as storage options, think: bed frames with built in storage and night stands with drawers. This will allow you to store all of your goodies in an out of sight place, while keeping them organized and giving them a permanent home.

Other options for hidden storage are:

  1. baskets or bins that can be stored in your closet.

  2. under bed storage for seasonal clothing and shoes

Step 2: Putting your decor on a "diet"

I like to think of minimalism as decorating on a diet - decor is ok in moderation. Minimalism speaks to having few decor pieces that make a big impact on a space. When decorating your bedroom, reign in your urge to cover your dresser with a lot of accessorizing pieces. Instead, choose a couple that speak about your style and call it a day. Good options include:

  • Mirrors: they will give the illusion of a larger space while allowing more natural light. You can match the frame of the mirror to which ever style you are wanting to emulate.

  • Jewelry Boxes / Decorative boxes: these are great for storing small items that would otherwise be an eyesore while hanging around your nightstand or dresser.

  • Paint: Choose your paint wisely. Depending on if you are wanting a brighter space or a more tranquil space, choose the color accordingly. Accent wall are a great idea, they can add a great visual texture depth to a room and blend into your decor.

  • Wall Art: You don't have to have a piece of art hanging throughout the entire bedroom. Choose one or 2 pieces that go together and hang them accordingly.

Step 3: Relax! You made it!

Enjoy your space! The minimalist concept is great for getting organized and determining which decor items you like and want to keep. The hardest part for me is keeping everything organized. Let's face it - life happens. Things become messy, and cluttered. This gives you an excuse to do the process all over again, and maybe play with a different idea!

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