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Expert Advice On Decorating with Mirrors

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Lately I have had an unhealthy obsession with big over the top mirrors. The bigger the better, the funkier the more fabulous. Basically....I like big mirrors and I cannot lie!

I thought this would be a great post idea, because sometimes styling mirrors can be a daunting task.

Mirrors are great accessories for any space. They can make even the darkest space feel brighter and more open. (Must Read: How To: Make Your Home Look & Feel More Expensive).

Mirror Frames:

Depending on your personal style you will choose mirrors with different frames. A few examples:

  • Romantic/Traditional: you will probably choose an ornate framed mirror with a lot of detail.

  • Modern: you will most likely choose a simplistic mirror with clean lines and a sleek frame.

  • Boho: you will be drawn to the more unique style frame and use the mirror as a supplement to the eclectic nature of your space.

Mirror Style:

Obviously there are A LOT more styles when it comes to mirrors and the vast amount of choices, which is why I've listed a few images to spark inspiration to incorporate them into your home.

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