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How To: Add Natural Elements to Your Home Based Off Your Decor Style

Is your home looking lack-luster? Does it need a pick me up? Why not bring the outdoors inside? Nature has an unspoken beauty to it. Not many things can take a person’s breath away. Your home is meant to be your sanctuary, your escape, your humble dwelling. Why not incorporate some natural beauty to ramp up the Zen in your life?

Adding natural elements into a space’s design can give it a simplistic beauty while giving it balance and warmth to tie it all together.

Choosing furnishings or accent pieces that embody nature can be very versatile. Depending on the lines and style of the piece, these elements can reflect a more modern and minimalist look or even a rustic or boho look.

Types of Natural Elements:

  • Wood - gives warmth to a space and can also create structure and texture.

  • Stone - Mainly used in minimalist and modern decor, accessories that have stone elements can present a tranquil, peaceful vibe.

  • Plants/Greenery - can add color accents as well as purify a space.

  • Leather and/or faux leather - can be used as accent pieces or furniture pieces. Give a unique texture and visual appeal.

  • Antlers - Like leather can give a unique visual interest to a space, they can also be used as wall art.

  • Nature as Art - depending on the theme or look you are going for, nature can be used as an art piece. Think succulent arrangements, drift wood sculptures, etc.

  • Natural Light - I cannot stress this enough. Not all spaces are created equal when it comes to light source.

Depending on your personal style and how your home is decorated, I have included a few different styles and how they incorporate nature into their layout and design.

Interior Decor Style


When it's done well, the bohemian style exudes the "Effortless look that is actually a lot of work." Or whatever they are saying on TikTok nowadays. The boho décor style exhibits your confidence and know-with-all your style, yet it still adheres to the fundamentals of a great design. Because of it's eclectic nature, you don't have to choose between profiles or time periods. Plus, isn't it fun to feel like you're getting away with something by showcasing a thrown together style? Some of this styles usage of natural elements includes:

  • Rustic Wood

  • Color accents/Patterns

  • Organic textiles

  • Plants and Greenery

  • Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

  • Antlers

  • Methodical Mismatching


Or living with less. Less color, less visual clamor, less — well — stuff. It isn't about depriving your senses, creativity or obsessively getting rid of things; it has more to do with choosing to focus on a handful of items you truly need and love, instead of compiling a collection of meaningless objects. It's a love hate kind of style. People either love it or loathe it. If you're in the former group, it most likely draws your attention for its simplicity, and its ease of maintenance (ie: less dusting, cleaning, and less overall stress). In a hectic, overstimulating world, it can be a treat to come home to a soothing oasis of calm. Some of this styles usage of natural elements includes:

  • Plants

  • Clean lines

  • Light colored wood

  • Natural Earthy tones

  • Stones, and gems, and geodes, OH MY! (just kidding, mostly just stones/stonework)


Rustic interiors embody a strong connection to the past. They feel honest, pure and natural while evoking a simpler time where everything had a purpose. These interiors celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a beautiful showcase for ingenuity. In a world where so much is virtual, rustic style is boldly, and blatantly real. These interiors are a breath of fresh air. Some of this styles usage of natural elements includes:

  • Solid natural wood

  • Statement furniture pieces

  • Fresh Flowers

  • Making old new (repurposing)

  • Exposed Beams

  • Wooden floors


A modern design is uncomplicated and fresh and was created to force people to look through a bold new aesthetic lens. This style emphasizes natural materials, seamless flow between rooms and the outdoors, all while creating a composition of functionality, comfort and chic style. This style of decor is seen as a link between the man-made world and modern day realm. Some of this styles usage of natural elements includes:

  • Plants

  • Clean lines

  • Light-mid tone colored wood

  • Natural Earthy tones

  • Functionality

  • Soft leather (or pleather)

Obviously, I have not included all styles, or variations, just some one the ones that I seem to see most often. If you would like to see how to incorporate natural elements into a different style, feel free to drop me a line!

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