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How To Make Marbled Easter Eggs

I have been seeing these Marbled Easter Eggs everywhere the past couple years, and I think they look so cute and festive! So this year I decided I was going to tackle making these guys. They are super simple and there are so many color variations you can do.

Get Creative!

I have outlined below the basic idea and materials that I used. Feel free to make these your own!

Materials Needed:

  1. Nail Polish - in whatever color you would like. I used OPI (Pamplona Purple)

  2. Hard Boiled Eggs at room temp.

  3. Plastic Tupperware with some depth, should be able to submerge the eggs. I would recommend using one you don't mind throwing away.

  4. Rubber Gloves - I cannot stress this enough, otherwise you will look like you have martian hands.

  5. Stir stick I used a the skinny end of a plastic spoon.

  6. Luke warm temperature water

  7. Nail polish remover - for clean up, if needed.

  8. Drying holder - in a pinch you can use some foam and pins.

Supplies needed to make marbled easter eggs
Supplies needed to make marbled easter eggs

Step By Step:

  1. Fill the Tupperware container about 3/4 of the way up with room/luke warm temp water. **If the water is too cold, the polish will sink and you will not get the desired "marbled" look.

  2. Add in a few drops of your nail polish. Please note: the more polish you put in the darker the color will be. **Side Note: Originally I was going to do multi-color marble, but multiple colors didn't seem to turn out as nice. Please disregard my photo with multiple color drops. (See Blooper Reel at bottom of this post)

  3. Gently stir the water and the polish until the water looks marbled.

  4. Put on your rubber gloves, and dip the eggs in the water mixture and swirl.

  5. Place the eggs on your drying rack, until they are dry (took about 5-10 mins).

You are all done! See how easy was that?!

Blooper Reel

Again, this was definitely trial and error! I HIGHLY recommend sticking to one color at a time.

image of mess up eggs

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