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How To Make Your Home Look & Feel More Expensive

Start With A Neutral Palette:

Neutral doesn't have to be boring! If you are starting from scratch with a new space, keeping the walls and main furniture pieces in a neutral color scheme allows the space to grow with you. Adding hip and trendy pieces like end tables, coffee tables, etc. allows these pieces to really stand out and stand on their own. They are also easily updated when trends come and go or your style evolves. You can layer style and stage tables with pops of color and different textures to accentuate a well thought out and put together look for your home.

Simplify Your Styling:

Less is MORE! Like a neutral palette, simplicity lets those statement pieces shine! If a space seems disorganized, or has too many oversized furniture pieces, it makes the space seem smaller than it really is. Bigger gives off the impression of more expensive.

Updating Hardware:

If you are on a budget, or a renter who is not able to make drastic changes to a space, swapping out old hardware for new ones is the easiest and quickest way to update a space to look more expensive. Some hardware pieces that are often overlooked when worn out or outdated but instantly updates a space are:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Drawer Pulls

  • Curtain Rods and Fasteners

  • Kitchen & bathroom Sink Faucets

Use Vertical Space Wisely:

Come up with a crystal clear purpose for vertical space. Make a choice on what you are trying to accomplish with it, whether it is going to be storage space, a gallery wall, or a place to showcase a few prized photos or art pieces, having a clear purpose will help streamline the look of your home.

  • For small spaces: a decorative mirror selection will help the space feel larger.

  • For walls that look like they need a lil somethin' extra: floating wall shelves are a great idea!

  • If you opt for a gallery wall, the sizing and layout of the frames is important! Make sure your frames fill in the wall space so there isn't a lot of wall left over. This way the look and gallery feels intentional and well put together.


Textiles give a space texture, and texture can give depth to a room! Depending on your style, some textures can make your home feel more rustic and others can make your home feel more modern.

Here are some ideas for adding textiles to a space:

  • If you have a more neutral color scheme within a space you can go with a bold curtain. Hanging Tip for curtains: I recommend avoiding hanging curtains right above the window. Rather, hang them high and wide. This gives the illusion of a larger window.

  • Get an area rug to liven up your space and add some much needed pops of color, pattern or texture. See below for an amazing guide to area rug placement!

Rug placement guide courtesy of Furniture Row

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