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Interior Decor Ideas for a Boho Chic Look

bōhō • shēk

adjective: Boho Chic

When you look up the definition of both, “Bohemian” and “Chic,” you will find adjectives like: avante-garde, eclectic, creative, polished and fashionable. The purpose of Bohemian Chic is to create spaces that can stand the test of time with limitless freedom, and also have elements that make the space look lavish and wordly. Boho Chic when done correctly looks effortless and trendy.

Although this style envelops a sense of flowing leeway in one’s décor choices, Boho Chic style is more than that. Mix Old and New with brash spontaneity. The Essence of Boho Chic is a venerable version of “Que Sera Sera.” The style has a finished look by bringing together older items with modern ones. Keep reading for examples of how to pair old with new in a way that seems effortless.

Start with white.

White allows any boho pieces you assemble to pop. You can then layer items such as plants and greenery, colorful pillows, throws as well as woven rugs throughout the space. The Boho Chic style is all about choosing pieces and decor that speak to you and then showing them off. The other side to this is that, to pull this style off flawlessly, it is also about the combination of items as opposed to the respective pieces.

Keep in mind: The backdrop doesn’t have to stay white; depending on your decor objects and your goal for the space a dark moody color will also play nicely. Keep in mind: wall texture and blemishes only add to the layer and really benefit this look.

The next level.

Add visual appeal to the space without cluttering it by hanging plants and/or art at different heights. This draws the eye across the space. This also helps create the casual, asymmetrical, take a load off comfort that Boho Chic style is known for.

Boho Chic Styling items:

  • Bright, tribal patterned pillows and rugs.

  • Bold colors and rich textiles can accent a neutral/white canvas.

  • Minimal bedroom styling with a lot of natural leafy plants.

  • Outdoor space: use colorful lanterns, and twinkle lights with reckless abandon.

  • Can never have enough plants or prints, like NEVER.

  • Clashing patterns or wall art.

  • Hanging chairs.

  • Tapestries and crochet wall art pieces.

  • Communal space – large dining tables, benches, etc.

  • Handmade décor pieces/heirlooms, give the space the old, sophisticated feel.

  • Eclectic tile. Seriously tile, tile and more tile!

A Gallery for Inspiration:

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