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Spring Mantle Inspiration Anyone Can Recreate

Hello my loves! Spring is just around the corner, and if you are like me, you are so ready to tell winter to Kick Rocks!

I thought I would share some inspiration for "Springesque" mantel decor and styling tips to get your creativity flowing. Keep these in mind when you are looking to swap out your winter decor!

If you don't have a mantel, don't fret! All of these tips can be used for other styling projects. Think: coffee tables, tablescapes and wall shelves.

Pops of Color:

I personally, like to incorporate some natural aspects to my styling pieces. If you have read my Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas post, you know that I love incorporating fresh herbs, and plants. Spring is the time for citrus and fresh flowers.

Adding lemons, limes, oranges, pops of greenery, and flowers can really make the colors pop with the rest of your styling.


Mirrors are great because they reflect light. When I think of Spring I think of a clean, fresh start. Nothing says clean and fresh like A LOT of natural bright light. Even if your space is small, mirrors can help reflect the natural light and brighten the space!

Lightweight vs. Bulky Styling Pieces

Winter decor is all about the heavier, texturized styling pieces that give off a cozy feel. With seasons like spring and summer, I would ditch that idea and focus on styling pieces that are more lightweight.

  • Old Window Frames

  • Streamlined Picture Frames

  • Clear Vases

Pretty much, anything that lets the light through. Don't be afraid to layer! This will also create a really unique texture for the styling of your space that can cultivate depth and interest!

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